Best Free Keyword Research Tools


A keyword research tool is something that will help you analyze keywords to help you better choose one that will be the winner. Here you’ll find out the best free keyword research tools you can use whenever, to help you locate the keyword that’s going to boost your chances of making money online.

First up we got Wordtracker. Its a well-known, free keyword research tool that has a lot of traffic going to it because its been around for quite some time giving it a good reputation and standing in the keyword research tool area. At a first glance this tool is very elegant looking and has a nice simple, easy to follow layout that really anyone can follow. Once you’ve entered a keyword it will follow up with the top 10 keywords to help you refine your keyword and also supply with a rating of how competitive it is to how many people searched the term. As for the accuracy, it is fairly precise and will no doubt help you out when finding the perfect keyword.

Next up SEO Book. Although you have to register to use this keyword research tool, there’s no doubt it’s a good tool to use for finding keywords. The keywords they offer are based on how much they’ve been searched on a daily basis which can be useful in certain situations. A great thing about SEO Book is they not only offer Googles’ data but Bings’ as well. This can be good if you’re planning to do SEO in Bing as well. Another good thing is they offer is estimations for cost per click (CPC) and monthly value. However the only part that isn’t that convenient is the fact you must register to access this at all and some of the tools they offer give no explanation as to what they do which can be rather frustrating.

Finally we have Keyword Discovery. While the version they offer that is free is extremely basic, it will still give you a good amount of suggestions for keywords upon the topic chosen by you. However they do give you an annual search volume which may benefit you in some cases but can be inaccurate in others. This tool can benefit you if you’re not only searching for one specific search engine but for a whole bunch because this tool will browse over 100+ search engines! However the free version of this tool  will limit you to 100 or so results.

Given all these free research tools it may be over whelming to choose between them. These are just to give you the gist of your keyword and branches of it. If you’re looking for extremely valuable and accurate keyword research you’re going to have to spend a little bit of cash to do so.

Keyword Research Tips


Keyword research is an important part of internet marketing. You may not think it but it’s true and this is because it’s how you’re going to find out if people are searching for your niche or not and you’ll even be able to expand by adding longer tail keywords. These tips will help give you the knowledge to get that perfect keyword in order to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website.

If you’d like to do something to get the juices flowing when thinking of a keyword for something you may already be thinking of. Go ahead and type in the Google search bar for the keyword you’re thinking  of and Google search, by default, will offer suggestions based on the information given which can be used as an idea of what people are searching for.

To make things easier when finding out keywords to use when looking into a niche, go ahead and grab a keyword research tool. There are a lot of free ones you can get that you can use right away and some where you’ll need to register in order to get the full potential of the tool. However their are other keyword research tools where you’ll need to pay x amount of dollars and get more accurate and in depth results. Depending on what you’re wanting to do, you may be safe with just getting a free one so look into it before you start spending money you don’t need to.

Keep in mind when using a keyword research tool. You may be drawn away due to the fact something may have a large search volume and high competition. That could very well be an opportunity because given this information you know that people are fighting for a spot in this niche and believe me, its not because they aren’t making some money off  it. Of course it will take more time and effort and most likely more dollars but the ROI can be huge and it all depends on your keyword research.

Another thing to that may seem immoral but will no doubt help you out, is some snooping around your top competitors homepage for some strong keywords. This is pretty easy to do with a tool that is capable of background checks for sites and through it you’ll find some keywords their currently ranking for. If they’re the top dogs in the niche your ranking for then you’ll want to learn the ropes of it by finding out what their keywords are.


Finding The Best Keyword


When it comes to keyword research, it is highly important that you know how to go forth and do so because this will be the difference between someone going to your website and going to someone else. Now obviously the goal is to get a customer who has a high potential to buy your product and the best way to do so is through keywords. For those of who, who  do not know what a keyword is: Keywords are what people type in on search engines (Google, Bing etc) to find what they are looking for. Lets say the keyword is “Chicago Illinois Hardware Stores”,  whenever someone enters that specific phrase they will be directed to a number of pages where people have chosen the exact keyword. Now that you know what a keyword is, lets move on to finding out the best possible keywords you can use.

First things first. You’re going to want to find a keyword research tool. There are a whole bunch of them and of course, there are free ones and ones’ that will cost you some money. Now if you are using a free one then it may not be as reliable as one you’ll be paying for (for obvious reasons). Reliable meaning the data they offer you when looking up a keyword. With the ones that cost you money you’ll find a whole bunch of accurate data that will really help you to find potential, money-making, keywords.

You’re not done their. Once you’ve looked up your keyword and given a bucket load of suggestions that will help you get a better idea of how popular your keyword is, you’re going to want to narrow it down some more. Try putting in more specific words to help make your keyword more accurate for the searcher. For example instead of “Hardware Stores” try “Toronto Ontario Hardware Stores” this will help the potential customer in finding exactly what they want making them more likely to provide a sale.

Once you’ve got what you believe is the keyword you’re going to move forward with, stop right there. Using the keyword tool you’ll probably see something that says “competitiveness”. A really competitive keyword means a lot of people are currently fighting for it which could mean there is a good market there that you can make money off of.

So now you know how to find the best keywords in order to make you’re business as successful as it can be. Go ahead and become the top dog in the niche your in and really make some money off it.